Semaglutide Therapy Weight Loss Program in Texas - feel & look your best the easy way...

The Semaglutide Therapy weight loss program in Texas is the new way to lose weight without thinking about food, in fact people who participate in the Semaglutide Therapy program often report a complete lose of appetite. This is why our medical staff will ensure your right Semaglutide dosage for your body type and fitness objectives so you will still get the proper nutrients while losing weight!

When your body adapts to healthy, decreased levels of food while you are on the Semaglutide Therapy program, you will need to eat less even after you have completed the cycle.

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90-Day Significant Semaglutide Weight Loss Program!

How Long Does It Take For Semaglutide To Start Working?

The effects of whether Semiglutide works for you vary depending on the individual. This may take as little as up to five weeks to see a change, but others may have to wait until three to six months into the treatment to start noticing an adjustment.

In a scientific trial, participants who went on the treatment on average were able to optimize all the effects of Semaglutide over a duration of 15 months. In fact, a gradual decrease in weight is likely to be healthier and sustainable for your body and mind to make safe adjustments to your treatment change. So, the outcomes do vary on the person, but many do in fact see a change – you just have to stay a bit patient!


How does Semaglutide induce weight loss?

Semaglutide helps individuals with weight loss through an added-on hormone response to someone’s insulin release, interconnecting with high blood sugar. This response gives you a reduced appetite, positive body response, and ultimately loss of weight – in a healthy way! In simple, laid out terms, Semaglutide is also able to help with:

  • • The feeling of fullness and satisfaction from smaller meals
  • • More controlled and stable blood sugar levels
  • • Insulin secretion through the pancreas

Semaglutide is best combined with a trained supervisor who can help you track your food consumption and exercise journey. Incorporating both will enhance the effectiveness of Semaglutide and help you notice a change in your body weight more quickly!

How much weight can you lose on Semaglutide?

So, what are the quantitative effects that Semaglutide provides? How much weight does one normally lose in regularly immersing themselves in the Semaglutide treatment, mixed in with professional supervision from a certified nutritionist or health coach?

On average, a trial of people was able to lose over 15% of their starting body weight from using Semaglutide alone in around 15 months. Because the treatment made it easy for people to engage in a caloric deficit, where people consumed fewer calories than burned, it was an effective and safe method to gradually lose weight over time.

If you wanted to increase your probability of losing more weight at a faster pace, health coaches would highly recommend integrating a regular workout to speed up the caloric deficit process while still in a safe routine that should not be alarming.

What is Included in the semglutide weight loss program?

After a few baseline labs are done (with insurance or at our discounted cash prices), you will receive a health evaluation by our medical team with protocol instructions, initial nutrition and diet evaluation (virtual), the first vial of medication, and a follow-up nutritionist session once you’ve been on the medication 1-2 months.

Why use compounded Semaglutide?

Commercial Semaglutide would be a good option for many people; however, insurance usually does not cover the cost. It typically costs from $800-1300/month. The other advantage of using a compounded product is that the pharmacy can add other ingredients, which may reduce the incidence of side effects.

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